Munch – The Munch Heist

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Edvard Munch, Norwegian artist (1863-1944)
”The Scream” is one of Edvard Munch’s most famous pieces, and a ­central cultural heritage of Norway.
Reflector: A copy of Munch’s original work: “The Scream”.
Card: The Munch Heist. The Munch Heist: The Heist happened just after 11:00 AM on August the 22nd, 2004. Two perpetrators, armed with a loaded Smith&Wesson 357 Magnum stormed the museum, while one man waited in a car outside. The two burglars inside threatened gurds and visitors to lay down on the floor. They tore down “The Scream” and “­Madonna” from the wall, and got away unharmed. The tale of the ­escape and ­following investigation, and of how the paintings came back to its rightful owners is too long to be told here.

We simply conclude: Everyone likes Munch.

Postcard Artwork: Designer/artist Ritha Jørgensen

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