Humor – Waffle

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Kort med refleks. Gi til noen du er glad i.

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  • Hengerefleks
  • Dobbelt kort for hilsen
  • Miniplakat
  • Konvolutt

Reflector: Waffle
Art Gallery: While there are many renowned art galleries worth visiting, smaller ones often show spirit and ambition; run privately and sometimes in combination with workshops for small groups of artists.
Some people are frequent visitors at galleries, and know well the movements on the art scene. Others appreciate small cafés and the mood surrounding the galleries, more than the art itself.
In all times, artists have been provoking and spreading surprise and ­enjoyment with their works. They have been hailed and butchered, ­perhaps to a greater degree than in any other profession. For what is art? This question has spurred many a debate. The facts that art is ­communication, that artist are conveyers of a message, and that they ­provoke only to put forward their feelings, both anger and enthuse the onlookers. Some say “I’m not getting it, show me something that speaks to me …” . Getting everything might not be important, though; ­rather, one should have an open mind and allow oneself to experience the ­moment.
Waffles are safe and familiar. This reflector could increase your safety in the dusk of night and reduce your chance of getting hit by a car by 85%.

Artwork: Designer/artist Ritha Jørgensen

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