Humor – The Black Sheep

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Kort med refleks. Gi til noen du er glad i.

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Reflector: The Black Sheep
Insomnia – Countless people have trouble falling asleep at night. To others this happens in periods of time, while others only rarely. One can have a lot on one’s mind, or perhaps a single thought spinning, grinding in one’s head. To some, insomnia is such a serious problem that it ruins their ability to sustain a normal working life, and thereby the quality of life. In such cases, handling it with humour can be difficult, while some people find laughter the best medicine.
Regardless of the BLACKNESS of the reflector “Black Sheep”, it will always lighten up when hit by the front lights of a car, making it instrumental in saving your life. This may apply to the black sheep stealing away with your nights sleep; lift them out in the light and see if they might change their character.
Our whish is for you to sleep well without “black sheep”, and to walk safely with your “black sheep”! Remember, the chance of getting hit by a car is reduced by 85% when wearing a reflector.

Artwork: Designer/artist Ritha Jørgensen

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