Humor – Moose

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Kort med refleks. Gi til noen du er glad i.

Gavepakken inneholder:

  • Hengerefleks
  • Dobbelt kort for hilsen
  • Miniplakat
  • Konvolutt

Reflector: Moose
Restart: “Shut down and restart”, a formula many have experienced as pure magic where technology fails. As a matter of fact, the same recipe also works in life in general. When something is proving difficult and we feel like failures, losing faith in our own ability, the thought of giving up easily sneaks into our minds. We must not forget, then, that the thought now residing in our heads can be changed. By properly “shutting down” and “restarting”, and then trying again, miracles can be achieved, not only in the technical world.

The reflective moose is not a genie from a magical lamp. Still, it can help you in two regards:
1. If you remember to wear it in the dark, you have an 85% lesser risk of getting run over by a car.
2. Now that you have read these words, it might help to remind you that the magical force lies within you. If something proves difficult on the first attempt: Shut down and restart!

Artwork: Designer/artist Ritha Jørgensen

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