Humor – Crown

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Kort med refleks. Gi til noen du er glad i.

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  • Hengerefleks
  • Dobbelt kort for hilsen
  • Miniplakat
  • Konvolutt

Reflector: Crown
King and Queen: The symbol of the heart have been decorating playing cards since the 1400s. A heart is a popular symbol in texts and imagery since ancient times, in several cultures. The heart usually symbolizes love, but also other strong, positive forces such as faithfulness, friendship, and that something is appreciated and considered valuable.
All the face cards in a playing deck are full of different symbols. All kinds of hand gesticulation, expressions and patterns bear special meaning to some.
The words king and queen are also used to signal extraordinary accomplishment, for example in sports and music. As a compliment, and in romantic relations; “You are my King, You are my Queen”.
The Crown, the top of it all, not only used by the clergy, but in everything from weddings to graphic symbolism in many a decoration and as hail to both princes and princesses at children’s birthday parties.
Here is a reflective crown as a hail to you! Whether you are a “Prince” a “Princess”, a “King” or a “Queen”, there is an 85% lesser chance to get hit by a car while wearing it as dark claims the night.

Artwork: Designer/artist Ritha Jørgensen

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